1. Role of Peasant, Film title “THE RED LILY FLOWER”,(short) directed by Hadzi Aleksandar Djurovic, produced by Aleksandrija film, 2014.

2. Role of Veljko, Film title “I DEFENDED YOUNG BOSNIA” , directed by Srdjan Koljevic, produced by Kosutnjak film, 2014.

3. Role of Ex (leading role), Film title LOVE COMES AFTER, directed by Hadzi Aleksandar Djurovic, produced by Aleksandrija Film, 2013.

4. Role of Macedonian, Film title “ALBATROS” directed by Filip Colovic, produced by RTS, 2011.

5. Role of Petar, (leading role), Film title THE GADGET (short film), directed by Marko Kostic, produced by Luksfilm, 2010.

6. Role of Dr. Milan, Film title “STEVAN M. ZIVKOVIC” (short), directed by Vladimir Tagic, produced by FDU, 2010.

7. Role of Inspector Boza, Film title “THE BELGRADE PHANTOM”, directed by Jovan Todorovic, produced by Emote productions, 2009.

8. Role of Pijanac, Film title “SOMEONE IS STILL WAITING”, directed by Marko Novakovic, produced by RTS, 2009.

9. Role of Cabman, Film title “MISERY” (short), directed by Hadzi Aleksandar Djurovic, produced by Aleksandrija film, 2009.

10. Role of Magi (leading role), Film title “LOST AND FOUND”, directed by Svetislav Prelic, produced by Visura, 2008.

11. Role of Nikola, Film title “PAPER PRINCE”, directed by Marko Kostic, produced by Luksfilm, 2008.

12. Role of Lilihip, Film title “WHO THE FUCK IS MILOS BRANKOVIC” directed by Nebojsa Radosavljevic, produced by Ideja, 2008.

13. Role of Dr Savic, Film title ”THE LAST MOMENT OF ETERNITY” (short), dir. Andrej Acin, 2008. produced by

14. Role of Ivo Andric, Film title “BORA UNDER OCCUPATION”, directed by Milivoje Milojevic, produced by RTS, 2007..

15. Role of Monet, Film title “BEAUTIFUL MIND~MONET, DURER, LAUTREC”, directed by Gianfranco Baldanello, produced by Romana produzioni audiovisivi, 2006.

16. Role of Captain, Film title “FADE TO BLACK”, directed by Oliver Parker, produced by Fragile films Ltd.London and Film 87, 2005.

17. Role of Filip, Film title “THE GAME” (short), directed by Marija Zizovic, 2002.

18. Role of Deks, Film title “VIRTUAL REALITY“, directed by Ratiborka Duda Ceramilac, produced by Viktorija film, 2001.

19. Role of Janko, (leading role), film title “THE MECHANISM” directed by Djordje Milosavljevic, produced by Horizont 2000., 2000.

20. Role of Ivan, Film title “IF I TOLD YOU” (short), directed by Jasmin Cvisic, produced by Kvadrat, 2009.

21. Role of Krstic, Film title “WHITE SUIT”, directed by Laza Ristovski, produced by Zillion film, 1999.

22. Role of Enrico, Film title “I DIMENTICATI”, directed by Piero Livi, produced by Arcipelago cin. ca s.r.l., 1998.