Letters of recommendations

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Relja Popovic Relja Popovic, student of acting at the Academy of Arts:

My first contact with acting happened in 2002. in acting school led by Andrej Sepetkovski.
After a few weeks in that school, I felt much more a kind of parenting, friendship love, than authority that was previously reflected by all professors. I had an intuition that acting will bring me a special kind of inspiration, but with his joy for life, a love of working with us, and love toward that profession, he managed to attach me completely to this job. He taught me the basics of acting, but also many life values ... He gave generous support for the movies that I later worked on, and I would never have shot those movies if he hadn’t recognized my gift, and made myself believe in my talent …



Milos Petrovic Milos Petrovic:

How to write a letter of recommendation for Andrej Sepetkovski without missing something? It’s a hard task ... As a teacher, as well as an actor, he is dedicated and devoted to his work to extreme, giving his maximum to explain something and help his student. Always willing to give helpful advice and indication in solving problems related to character, action, mise en scène, etc. ... He is very constructive observer, listener and critic, always using his knowledge and sense of acting to help his students in solving their doubts, problems and fears on the scene. He has the ability to say what’s needed with perfect timing, to pull out the student out of the crisis and to rebuild one’s self-confidence. His scene and theater performances analysis were of great help for us, both technically and professionally.
Professor who knows to transmit and share his vast knowledge and acting sensibility with students.
I come to the part that was the most important to me, as his student, and I should not miss that ... What kind of man is Andrej Sepetkovski? First of all, he is honest and upright, a man who you easily love and even easier respect because he doesn’t give a motive or reason to feel something else. When necessary, he is a friend and a brother and a father ... flexible and insightful, he knows how to discover the character of the person he is working with and therefore he knows how to act and approach to that person. He was ready to listen to us, to help solve even personal and intimate problems, and to come out of the trouble stronger and more motivated.
Simply, everyone would like to become a friend with him and he is a professor you could just wish for!

Andrija Kuzmanovic Andrija Kuzmanovic:

When I enrolled the Academy of Fine Arts, I was skeptical, given that this is very new and also a private academy. At that moment it wasn’t very trustworthy. But the names of the people who welcomed me were assuring me otherwise. Working with Andrej Sepetkovski has really helped me because he taught me how to convey all my potentials to the scene, either through physical action or verbally. In other words, he helped me find the fastest way to reach the simplest and the best solutions for many of the characters from the world's greatest dramas and to enjoy playing them. When we had misunderstandings, we would exceed them through constructive conversation in during the class. A big THANK YOU from me! A lot of finesses that he taught me will always be precious on stage.

Marija Puskarov Marija Puskarov Popovic:

Andrej Sepetkovski was my drama teacher for four years. During that period of time, he managed to teach me the craft of acting, which is not easy. He taught me how to think while I'm on stage, how to develop my imagination and open myself as an actress, a human being and an artist. His approach was very dedicated and he helped me overcome my fears and vanity (I think that’s very important for the development of the young actor). Very often, he worked overtime and spent his free time to teach us more. That kind of dedication and devotion to professor’s work is rare nowadays.
I consider that having the opportunity to learn from him is a great privilege. The best confirmation for his success is my personal success and success of other students. I’m an author of two highly successful performances for children. All roles are played by ex students of Mr. Sepetkovski. I’m convinced that the recognition of my work came as a result of knowledge and a method Andrej unselfishly gave us.

Milan Pajic Milan Pajic:

One of the few so dedicated professors. He worked overtime and with great elan. Devoted to professorship as well as to his basic vocation- acting. One of the best in conveying the knowledge in the field of building character on the basis of psychological realism, which is essential for every actor. His teaching system was: force and encourage students to think, develop their histrionic intelligence and acting-directing gene, without mimicking ... He is an ex student and successor of the method made by Dr. Vladimir Jevtovic. Unselfish in the transmission of knowledge and experience. In the past three years, like a young actor in Serbia, I’ve earned money by doing my job, with no status / political / nationalistic support and that is almost impossible mission. The credits for that goes to him. He had two generations of students and many of them are very successful actors. For me, with all this said, the most important thing that I learned is that acting is teamwork, that I must respect my partners, and of course, if I don’t determine my precise action in the scene, there is no need to go on stage. That is exactly what many directors recognize today, and certainly, that is the best recommendation for him as a professor and as an actor.

Vladimir Popovic Vladimir Popovic:

Andrej Sepetkovski is a good teacher, but above all a good man. At every lecture he tried to convey what is needed and more than that, in order to bring an art of acting closer to me. For four years at the academy he had been doing everything to make the process of studying an acting craft as easy as possible. He guided me to find my own exit for every single problem. He would always accept any idea of mine if it was good, but of course, he would correct and improve it when it was bad. Always willing to share some professional advice that he gained through many years of experience, and it was so precious to me as to someone who is just entering the world of acting. Of course, I did not hesitate to "steal" some finesse from him, knowing that he will not be angry. He's still the man whom I can ask for advice and help anytime, and I’m always glad when I see him or hear him over the phone.


Andjela Popovic Andjela Popovic:

With Andrej Sepetkovski we have spent four years. Four difficult and long years, but the most beautiful years. Four years of studying. They were long and difficult because of all the problems that student’s life brings, but also happy and beautiful because professor helped us in each situation. He made our student’s life magical. He started to teach us when we were young amateurs with desire to act, he made very good people of us. Devoted to us more than was necessary, and more than he could. Every second he was there for us. He created roles from our wishes and ambitions. From our dissatisfactions he created feelings. Andrej Sepetkovski was with us when it was hard, extended those moments that were beautiful. And with pedagogical approach he was able to shape each of us in the best possible shape to get the best out of us. We learned from him not only about act but also about life. But we showed and proved that act and life are one and same thing. He taught us to think. And he often didn't have his own life because of us. He has already lived for us. He works with the ambition and desire, as it is in Hollywood, not Serbia. In the middle of the night, in half a day, he was there for all our questions and problems. Andrej is a valuable, responsible, committed, smart and ambitious, dedicated. Professor Andrej is a Professor that every student could ask for. There are only few people that live for work, Andrej is one of them. He has very big knowledge that unselfishly transfers to students. We, his students, with a moral and ethical responsibility claim that everything we know about acting, or we think that we know, we owe him. Andrej Sepetkovski is one and unique. We are happy people to have met him and we've learned from him.

Marina Dimitrijevic:

Andrej Sepetkovski is a man of great energy, a warm heart and genuine emotions.
He is an exemplary professor because of his knowledge, discipline and desire to convey his knowledge to the student in the best way.
He is an exemplary pedagogue because he respects the student, he has got a faith in him, he is devoted to direct the student in a right way and has the upstanding criteria to serve as an example to students.
He is an exemplary man, because he is always willing to help the student, to guide him through the process, never leaving him without support. Stable in critical situations, he is able to gather the team when it is necessary and to say encouraging words of support, and that is very important in this kind of work.
And finally, as an artist, he possesses great creativity, the power of transformation, a great gift for comedy, directing skills, specific sensibility and a special kind of aesthetic.

Maja Sipovac:

I would like to recommend professor Andrej Sepetkovski to every beginner who wants to become a professional actor.
After four years of studying, I can say that professor Sepetkovski is above all an excellent educationist who knows how to convey knowledge, a devoted teacher who helps students develop their skills. He encouraged us to work and was ready to practice with us for hours, so that we could open ourselves up on stage.
When communicating with students, professor acts in a friendly and kind manner. He is a true example of a just professor, a great professional with a big heart.

Milena Jovasevic Milena Jovasevic:

Mr. Andrej Sepetkovski was my professor of acting in Belgrade ( Academy of Fine Arts ).
First of all, Mr. Sepetkovski is a real master of his trade. As a perfect pedagogue, he is very patient with his students, full of understanding for them. He has great persistence and enormous energy during theoretical and practical lessons. Students trust him completely, because his ideas are original, witty and very creative. At the same time Mr. Sepetkovski is somebody who is taking care about his students all the time, even out of classroom and especially in their professional activities.
If I was in a position to choose my mentor again, I would certainly choose Mr Sepetkovski to be my mentor and my teacher ...

Sasa Djurasevic Sasa Djurasevic:

Andrej Sepetkovski taught me the first steps of acting and work ethics …He showed me how to believe in the world that is happening on the scene. He had always found good approach explaining things that were of great importance in the study of this craft. He used to say that a good actor must always be honest on the scene. Also, people who are not honest in private life, can’t become authentic on the stage. So, he was teaching us to become, first of all, good, honorable and honest people. Also, to be collegial, courteous, and persistent, to work a lot and to be completely devoted to the art of acting, if that is the job we really love and want to do ...

Marko Pekmezovic Marko Pekmezovic:

Acting professor Andrej Sepetkovski has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of drama and arts. A dedicated teacher, who works much longer than prescribed hours of duty. Nothing could stop him to hold the rehearsal. Strict professor. Unselfish in giving ideas. Aware of all the necessary steps that student have to make in order to build a character. He really loves his job.

Dusan Stojanovic:

While working with professor Andrej Sepetkovski I learned a lot about acting technique. He insisted that we bring everything to perfection and brought us so far. He was opening up new horizons for us. Through conversation and analysis he brought us to the point where we could imagine our characters and know better their biographies. He taught me to think like an actor, to analyze each scene act very deep and to justify the character I play. Prof. Andrej Sepetkovski conscientiously worked with each student individually and learned each one of us to be functional in the group for what I am deeply grateful to him.