1. Role of Isaac Newton, MATHEMATICIANS, directed by Nenad Krkelic, produced by RTS, 2016.

2. Role of Sepetkovski (as himself), SINDJELICI, directed by Suzana Purkovic, produced by Emotion,(2 episodes), 2016.

3. Role of Doctor, WOMEN FROM DEDINJE, produced by Emotion (2 episodes), 2014.

4. Role of Pavic, ER, directed by Dejan Zecevic, produced by Emotion, (one episode), 2014.

5. Role of Guest, SERBIAN NEWSPAPERS, directed by Filip Colovic, produced by RTS, (4 episodes) 2014.

6. Role of Conductor, “ROAD TO MONTEVIDEO” directed by Dragan Bjelogrlic, produced by Intermedia Network, (3 episodes), 2012.

7. Role of Curzio, “L’ ULTIMO PAPA RE”, directed by Luca Manfredi, produced by Dauphine film company (2 episodes), 2012.

8. Role of Slavko Popovic, “THE SMELL OF RAIN IN THE BALKANS”, directed by Ljubisa Samardzic, produced by RTS, (2 episodes), 2011.

9. Role of Srdja, “MY COUSIN FROM VILLAGE”, directed by Marko Marinkovic, produced by RTS and Kosutnjak film (2 episodes), 2010.

10. Role of Petar Velimirovic, “THE LAST AUDIENCE”, directed by Djordje Kadijevic, produced by RTS, (3 episodes), 2009.

11. “FORGOTTEN MINDS OF SERBIA” (7 characters, Aleksandar Solovjev, Kosta Stojanovic, Dr. Ivic, Ljubomir Nedic…), directed by Petar Stanojlovic, produced by RTS (Vuk’s Award!), (7 episodes), 2008.

12. Role of Gvozden, “JELENA”, (This character was the most favorite one, according to the survey that has been conducted in 30 cities in Serbia.) directed by Andrej Acin, produced by Power House Entertainment, (90 episodes), 2005.

13. Role of Momcilo and Gnom, “THE BOTTOMLESS HAT”, diretcted by Andrijana Stojkovic, produced by RTS, (7 episodes)

14. Role of Sloba, “SOME NEW KIDS”, directed by Mladen Maticevic, produced by RTS and Komuna, (10 episodes), 2003.

15. Role of Ibn Baba, “THE HOUSE OF HAPPINESS”, directed by Marko Marinkovic, produced by Horizont 2000, (one episode), 2003.

16. Role of Student, “DESANKA”, directed by Slobodan Radovic, produced by RTS, (one episode), 1999.

17. Role of Waiter, “UP AND DOWN”, directed by Miroslav Lekic, produced by RTS, (2 episodes), 1997.